Modern Toilets

In most cases, modern toilets may be the most ignored element of your bathroom suite. However, the toilet is the most used piece of any bathroom. Getting the best toilet with a good seat, flush unit that suits all your needs is therefore very important. Toilets today come in different sort of modern toilets design, finishes, sizes and shapes. Whatever, type of toilet you want to create a bold statement, most of modern toilets like Mansfield toilets will always have something for you.

How To Unclog Modern Toilets

Toilets are one of the many things taken for granted in the modern world until they break down. The task of unclogging a toilet has never being appealing. It is the last resort of many. However, unclogging the toilet should be something that you need to give a try.

A blocked toilet pipe is the most hectic drainage system challenge that can even happen to any house owner. There are many reasons why modern bathroom toilets do develop a clog. Improper items like too much toilet paper, toy, diaper, sanitary towel, paper towel may have flushed down the toilet pipe. Whatever the cause is, you need to give your bathroom its good welcoming appeal. Here is a list of methods you can use.

  • Use a plunger
  • Plumber’s snake
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Hot water and dish soap
  • White coat hanger

Types of Modern Toilets

There are many types of toilets in the market today. However the wide category can be narrowed down into design and function. Basically there are two types of toilets in terms of versatility and functionality. Single and dual flush are the most predominant in many households.

  • Single Flush

Single flush toilets are very common in older homes. They have only one button for flushing. The standard single flush is the largest water users in your home; uses as much as 10 liters for one single flush.

  • Dual Flush 

Dual flush toilets have two flushing buttons; half and full flush. This type of toilet is very eco friendly and eligible on the cost. The half flush can as little water as 3 liters and 5-6 liters for a full flush.

In regard of design and styles the range is very wide’ giving an easy experience of getting one that suits you best. Here are some of the features that one should really consider to ensure comfort in using the toilet.

Features To Consider In Modern Toilets

  • Bowl

There are two types of toilets bowls; elongated and the round one. They all depend on your size of your wash room. The elongated bowl is however more comfortable.

  • Automatic

These are the type of toilets whose lid opens automatically once one approaches it and closes the lid and flush after the person leaves.

  • Anti bacterial glaze

This is a type of modern toilet that has unique features that help increase the levels of sanitation by killing bacteria and germs.

You can get modern toilets for sale from plumbing stores in your area or online at very affordable charges. Of all these modern toilets, you will have to decide on the best piece to pick from. To help you with your selection, search for reviews on the models you are planning to purchase to get an idea on what you would expect in such toilets.