Mansfield Toilets – Style and Performance at Affordable Prices

Mansfield Plumbing Products has been a leader in bathroom plumbing products for over 80 years. With a wide selection of both business and residential products that include toilets, urinals, whirlpools, bathtubs, toilet tank trim and shower bases, there is a product to fit nearly any need. In the residential market, modern toilets like Mansfield toilets are an excellent option for your bathroom needs.

Whether you are shopping online or at your local retailer, it is easy to find positive Mansfield toilets reviews. Their experience in the field, automated production processes and strict quality control guidelines ensure that every one of theMansfield toilets that as manufactured and sold will be functioning for years to come.

Popular Models of Mansfield Toilets

  • Mansfield Reo Elongated Front Toilet
  • Mansfield Romanesque Round Front Toilet
  • Mansfield Alto Elongated Front Toilet
  • Mansfield1144 Maverick SmartHeight Bowl Toilet
  • Mansfield ProFit Round Toilet

With a variety of styles, flush capacities, shapes and heights to choose from, it is simple to find the perfect bathroom fixture. Best of all, the popularity of Mansfield toilets makes purchasing toilets, or any needed Mansfield toilets parts, as easy as stopping by your local home improvement store or bathroom fixture showroom.

Mansfield toilets repair or installation is quick and easy. You can purchase Mansfield toilets parts separately for repair. If doing a fresh installation, full installation kits are available that include any materials needed. Hence, it is typically the seal valve or wax ring that needs to be replaced from time to time. While installation might vary slightly depending on your location or model purchased, common steps include:

Replacing Wax Ring or Seal Valves

  1. Turn off the water supply to the tank and detach water hose. The valve for this is often located underneath the tank, behind the base of the toilet.
  2. Remove the nut covers and nuts from the retaining bolts. These are often located at the sides of the toilet base.
  3. Remove the existing wax ring or rubber seal valve or “donut.” This is best done with a basic scraper or any tool with a large flat edge. Be careful when removing a wax ring as the wax tends to be sticky and can be difficult to clean up if embedded in clothing.
  4. Place the new wax ring on the retaining bolts. Most often, this involved placing the flat surface of the ring against the floor with the rounded edge facing upwards.
  5. Align the new toilet to the retaining bolts.
  6. Seat the new toilet on the wax ring and bolts.
  7. Apply pressure to the toilet to create a proper seal. An easy way to do this is to simply sit on the toilet for a moment.
  8. Tighten the nuts and replace the nut covers.
  9. Replace the water hose and restore the water supply.
  10. Flush the toilet and check for leaks at the wax seal, water supply connections and tank bolts.

Other Basic Mansfield Toilets Repair Tasks

  • Replacing or servicing the toilet flush valve
  • Replacing or servicing the flush tank lever
  • Replacing or servicing the flush tank handle

All of these are easy enough for even novice repair people. Full instructions should be included on the packaging for any Mansfield toilets parts purchased.